Now everyone can access actionable insight for meaningful growth.

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Where does our story start?

Companies generate staggering amounts of data. And don't always leverage it. As per Forbes, 95% of businesses feel the need to better manage unstructured data. At InsightGig, we want companies to view data as an asset and maximize its value. By helping create an insights-driven culture where it's easy and exciting to turn data into actionable insight!

We want to help companies harness the power of insight. Without big investments.

Our platform helps create an insights-driven culture.

It answers the four questions facing insight custodians today.
Where must I look for data now?
What is the best way to get to my insight?
How can I ensure timely insight for the right decisions?
How to humanize the insight to make it powerful and relevant?

How does the platform make it easy?

Partners are vetted for their expertise
Engage with them on a project basis
Find the right expert for the right need
Get the science + storytelling edge
Experiment rapidly with unused data

Our freelance experts understand your values.

And are here to help every step of the way.road